Playoff Picks 2018: Conference Championships

4 games. 3 guys. 12 picks. Against the spread

LA Rams +3.5Saints -3LA Rams +3.5
Kansas City -3Kansas City -3Kansas City -3

In Depth Analysis from our Analysts:


Rams – I think they do the thing by at least 3. This is going to be a close game though and Brees is Brees, but I think the Rams come out of this on top. McVay’s wife- again nothing to do with the game just thought it needed to be mentioned.
Chiefs – I don’t even have a good reason, pure detest. Sony will likely run all over the Chiefs run defense. But, running the ball is not how you win games. ARE YOU LISTENING PETE?


Give me the Saints money line and the Rams to cover. 1 unit on each for me. I don’t like it but I’ll take the Chiefs to cover, this game is a blowout one way or the other, I like Patty Mac’s chances at home. I like to over of 55.5 in this game. Over 55.5 1 Unit,


Rams @ Saints: its dome saints and last time i checked breesus is still the qb so i think wonderkin sean mcvay isnt gonna be able to out coach his way over them. I am excited for marcus peters to try and murder Sean peyton and hopefully its a good game. Saints by 6

Pats @ Chiefs: I pray to god that the inventor of the side arm pat mahomes can pull this out. people forget mark sanchez has more road playoff wins than Tommy “mouth kisser of children” Brady. Another added benefit is that as soon as the pats are eliminated gronk may retire and the sooner that happens the sooner we get the gronk reality tv show which we all know will be jersey shore two point oh. Chiefs by 5 fuck the pats. 

Author: Chris Adkins

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