Playoff Picks 2018: Divisional Round

4 games. 3 guys. 12 picks. Against the spread

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Indy +5Indy +5Indy +5
Dallas +7LAR -7LAR -7
New England -4New England -4New England -4
Philly +8New Orleans -8New Orleans -8

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In Depth Analysis from our Analysts:


Colts –Mahomes should win this, they’re the better team. Mahomes got screwed when he was picked for a team led by Andy Reid who’s won 1 playoff game in the last ten years. Luck will bring the old-timey pain.

Rams – Better do something with that NFC West title, but also they’ve had time to prepare and watched what the Hawks did, and unlike Pistol Pete and McSchotty they won’t continually try and run hurt Gurley or Anderson straight up the middle. No Run, Run, Pass, Punt. McVay will let them sling it, he’s sleeping with the hottest wife. Last part has nothing to do with football it’s just true.

Patriots – Everyone hates the Patriots. Old man Rivers and this team are playing well, but even all of his children can’t save them from a second East Coast game, now against Bill and Co.

Saints – The fact that the Eagles are here is a Foles miracle plain and simple. 10 men on the field, a double doink tip missed FG, at some point that Foles magic has to run out.


New Orleans to cover 8, are you kidding me. Did last week not teach us anything. Ive got the Eagles to cover, 1 unit on the eagles to cover 8. None of the other games give me a warm fuzzy. Going to pass on the rest of these games.


First of all. Sports are dumb fuck all that dumb bullshit and none of this matter because we’re all dying anyway 
Colts, Chiefs, I think the colts could actually pull this off because Mahomes has had his worst games when the spotlight is on him and this is also his first playoff game. Colts definitely cover and I think even pull off the win by 3. Fuck that stupid caveman and his ridiculous talent
Cowboys, Rams, These mother fuckers from dallas shouldn’t have won last week and I pray to every god that’ll listen that the jared goff that doesn’t suck ass shows up and hands the ball the Gurley 40 times. Rams by 9
Chargers Pats, I’ve seen this movie before pats and we all know it. Pats by 10 its january and its in foxburogh (fuck that town and its impossible spelling its just shitter more racist boston also ppl forget fucking “patriots way” is a strip mall with horrible city planning) the only small plus is that its supposed to snow and I really wanna see the chargers play a shitty weather game.
Eagles Saints, I want to think the saints are gonna win this but that mother fucker big dick nick is riding the nuclear warhead of destiny and i just know some bullshit is gonna go down and they’re gonna pull it out their ass. Saints by 3

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