2018 Divisional Round Bets

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Indianapolis vs Kansas City Total 57.5

With these two offenses playing I would normally tell you to hammer the over, seems like an easy one. But then you go look a the weather for Saturday afternoon at Arrowhead. They are calling for 1-2 inches of snow Saturday morning and temperatures are expected to top out at 34 with the wind at 8mph. THAT SOUNDS ABSOLUTELY MISERABLE. Two predictions here. This game won’t come even close to going over and there will be some amazing videos on twitter due to mass inebriation. Under 57.5 @jakeafton has the over

Who Will Record The Most Passing Yards Divisional Round Weekend?

You can clearly see who I’ve selected in my screenshot. I’m not going to take another one so deal with it. Basically, it breaks down like this. New Orleans is playing at home right? It’s indoors right? Everybody else is outdoors right? Seems like easy money. I’ll take it, Drew Brees +500

Who Will Record The Most Rushing Yards Divisional Round Weekend?

Seems pretty obvious right, everybody knows that when you go to play the Rams in LA you run the air out of the ball. Happens all the time. Jokes aside i actually do think Zeke will have the most rushing yards, but…. . How many New England running backs have we seen bust onto the stage during the playoffs, its a lot. I don’t have a number but its a lot. That +900 next to Sony Michel’s name feels like a sucker bet and I’m a sucker for a bet. Ill take Sony Micel but wont be suprised when it doesnt cash. Thats why its called gambling folks. Sony Michel +900

Author: Chris Adkins

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