Playoff Picks 2018: Wildcard Round

4 games. 3 guys. 12 picks. Against the spread

Houston -1Houston -1Houston -1
Seattle +2Seattle +2Seattle +2
Los Angeles +2.5Los Angeles +2.5Los Angeles +2.5
Philadelphia +6.5Philadelphia +6.5Chicago -6.5

In Depth Analysis from our Analysts:

@jakeafton – Bears will smash. I don’t believe in the recent eagles success. Chargers win because Rivers and his 32 children. Houston wins because Luck is from the civil war era. Seattle wins because of Romo.

@chrisladkins – Houston cause of DW4. Seahawks cause of Wilson and run game. Chargers cause rookie QB for Baltimore. Philly cause of cheesesteaks.


Colts @ Texans

This is going to be a QB duel, its real simple one QB is gonna “will their team to victory” and the other will be the “didn’t have enough help from his team” guy. Key matchup is gonna be TY Hilton versus the Houston DB’s. TY usually has huge games against the Texans so we will see how this one plays out. My pick is Texans by 3, Deshaun Watson is a man who loves a big stage.

Chargers @ Ravens

This is another game shaping up to be a good one. The Ravens defense is playing like a Ravens defense and I think they will shut down the Phillip Rivers and his 52 children. The key matchup is going to be Lamar Jackson against a good Chargers defense and this could be a tone setter for his career. My pick is Ravens by 7 because I think Lamar runs all over the LAC defense.

Eagles @ Bears

I feel bad for the Bears because they are running into big dick nick and the boys. The Eagles are a buzzsaw right now and I don’t trust the Chicago Offense to keep up with the man with the large member between his legs. Mitchell The Bithc-ell is probably not going to have a fun day. Eagles by 12

Seahawks @ Cowboys

No doubt in my mind that the Cowboys blow this, I just can’t decide if it will be in a blowout or if Dak throws a very untimely pick. Seahawks have been here many times and Russell Wilson knows what he has to do to win in January. Seahawks by 10

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Author: Chris Adkins

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