Lets Rank the Mike Leach Players

Very Simple concept here folks, I created a list of players based on my previous article about Mike Leach and then asked the 2 Jakes to rank them as they see fit. No context, no requirements. Just good old fashion biased rankings.

Wes “Too Large Helmet” Welker
Johnny “Fucking Football” ManzielGardner “Mustache”  Minshew 
Michael “Chain Loser” Crabtree Baker “Big Balls” MayfieldWes “Too Large Helmet” Welker
Sam Bradford
Kyler MurrayBaker “Big Balls” Mayfield 
Case “Slang It” Keenum
Wes “Too Large Helmet” WelkerCase “Slang It” Keenum
Brandon “The Weed Man” Weeden
Michael “Chain Loser” CrabtreeKyle “Loud Wet Fart Noise” Allen 
Baker “Big Balls” Mayfield
Case “Slang It” KeenumBrandon “The Weed Man” Weeden 
Johnny “Fucking Football” Manziel
Kliff KingsburyGeno “The Jaw” Smith
Geno Smith
Dana HolgorsonKyler Murray
Kyler Murray
Lincoln RileyJohnny “Fucking Football” Manziel  
Gartner “Mustache” Minshew
Sam “Cheese Knees” BradfordMichael “Chain Loser” Crabtree  
Will “Instagram” Grier
Brandon “The Weed Man” WeedenSam “Broken” Bradford
Drew Lock
Gartner “Mustache”  MinshewDavis Webb
Graham Harrell
Graham HarrellBlake “The Belldozer” Bell
Kliff Kingsbury
Will “Instagram” GrierWill “Instagram” Grier
Dana Holgorsen
Kenny “Trill for 1 game” HillLincoln Riley  
Lincoln Riley
Geno “Glass Jaw” SmiDrew Lock
Josh Heupel
Drew Lock Graham Harrell
Blake “The Belldozer” Bell
Davis Webb Kliff Kingsbury
Kenny “Trill” Hill
Josh Heupel Dana Holgorson
Kyle “Loud Wet Fart Noise” AllenKyle “Poor mans josh” AllenJosh Heupel
Davis Webb
Blake “The Belldozer” BellKenny “Trill” Hill
Clint “Everybody Thinks I’m a Country Singer” Trickett

Author: Chris Adkins

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